Trauma Insurance, sometimes known as Trauma Multi, Critical Care or Progressive Care Cover, pays a lump sum in the event that the person insured suffers a specific trauma condition listed in the Trauma Insurance contract. There are usually about 40 to 50 of these events specified and cover events that generally fall into the categories of heart, stroke and cancer illness.

This type of insurance cover was introduced by South African insurance companies, on the recommendation of Doctor Marius Barnard who worked on the first heart transplant team headed by his brother Christiaan Barnard. Marius Barnard was motivated by the financial hardship he saw his patients suffer after he had treated their critical illnesses.

Trauma insurance can play an important role in helping you meet significant financial obligations such as medical expenses, mortgage repayments and other costs that may arise to accommodate a changed lifestyle. Frequently the sum insured can be related to a multiple of income such as a one year income that will enable the funding of a significant period of recovery before return to work.

Trauma Cover can usually be reinstated some time after the payment of a claim, for any future events that are not related to the original claim paid. Frequently it is part of an insurance protection package that includes life and Income or Mortgage Protection Insurance cover.


In some instances Trauma Cover can be a cheaper substitute for Income or Mortgage Protection Cover as the event that causes the loss of income is often one of the trauma events covered by the Trauma Cover. 

The Trauma Cover application will have a number of questions relating to age, occupation, activities or hobbies and health history and Thompson McNeill will guide you through this process.