At Thompson McNeill we provide finance for residential and rental homes, and ensure that those assets are protected in the event of the loss of income through death, sickness or accident. We provide a range of mortgage products with a range of lenders. We also provide a full range of protection products from life and income insurance to trauma and health insurance. We are always happy to  sit down and work through a plan to ensure that we source the finance and then the finance  protection that meets the needs of you and those who are important to you.

Planning and Protection

The most important aspect of achieving your goals is to make a plan and follow it.  If you are not sure how to get there, let us help you achieve your goals​​ and protect what is important.

Mortgage and Strategy


The mortgage market is competitive. We give solid, professional advice and then source the mortgage that best suits your individual needs and goals.  We do the paper work for you!



What most people want is evidence that they are going to the right place for advice - we have many happy clients who will vouch for our service and integrity.