When can we let that dust settle?.....

As mortgage advisers we frequently find that getting the mortgage process through to settlement, can be just one of those steps in a bigger picture.

It is often in the ensuing client conversation that we find there are other matters that will need attention - to ensure goals are met.

Relationships are important when considering things like home ownership and particularly children. When to buy as joint tenants or as tenants in common can have a significant impact on our intentions if we don’t do it correctly.

Deciding to buy a better property but retaining that existing property as a rental investment can be a great choice. Having said that – to qualify for the tax incentives that are available to rental investments we will need to consider just how the properties are to be owned and to make any changes necessary.

Most of us will want to keep our personal and business affairs separate and so we will need to ensure that we get the proper advice from those specialists who are qualified to give it.

At Thompson McNeill we see our role as very much to recognize the signs and then address them with the right experts. Why not give us a call on (03) 281 8605, or email:

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