The times they are a-changing!

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

The above heading is of course from that great Bob Dylan song written back in 1964. But is it relevant now some fifty six years later?

The reality is that there is always change and the opening weeks of 2020 have shown that a virus which most of us have avoided so far, can have far reaching consequences in a number of areas that we may not immediately realize:

· Trade as it relates to import and export restrictions

· Tourism – we are a major provider of tourism opportunities

· Retail – shops and malls might suffer while online trading may thrive

· Interest rates – they might reduce further which will provide both opportunity and challenge

· KiwiSaver – how do we react if we are using our savings as a first home deposit at some point in the future?

One of our great financial institutions of the past had the motto “amicus certus in re incerta” or as the translation reads “a certain friend in uncertain times”

At Thompson McNeill we know that some of these changes may affect the way we borrow to buy our homes - or re-fix that mortgage fixed interest term that is about to expire, or just review how we are protected if we lose the ability to earn through sickness or accident.

When there is uncertainty we may just need a friend – give us a call on (03) 281 8605 or email:

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