The house that Jack built?.....

It’s always difficult to predict the future - particularly so during a crisis that none of us have faced before in our lifetimes.

It is therefore helpful to look at some of the facts and just see if we can make some positive changes to our own circumstances.

Lower interest rates have “bedded” in and look to remain unchanged or even go a little lower. So, if we’re thinking about our current mortgage we have a good opportunity to see if we can clear that debt a little quicker.

The current pandemic has seen a number of New Zealanders reappraise their situations with many returning home for good. While this might look great for our economic development, it is putting pressure on the availability of homes to buy.

One of our real estate companies has recently indicated in a newsletter that the number of days a property takes to sell is the lowest it has been in four years. The inventory of houses that can be sold has been dropping and is the lowest on record. Houses are selling quicker than they can be replaced!

So, what does this all mean?

A builder client who has just sold a new home tells me that he has had a steady stream of potential buyers through the home - with many of those people frustrated at the difficulty in finding an existing home to buy.

So, many home buyers are now looking to build rather than buy their new home – if this sounds like you, give us a call on (03) 281 8605 or email:

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