The end of another year - 2020 here we come!

2019 has taught us a number of things and in particular:

· Lenders are more demanding of the detail required to approve our loan application.

· Life can be very uncertain at times as the Mosque & Whakaari/White Island tragedies have shown us.

Whilst we are told the “market” is very much about first home buyers and that prices are rising and house listings tend to be in short supply, we find ourselves more and more often working with ALL clients to get the result we want. Frequently this involves time and forward planning to get us in the best position to look as good as we can for the lender.

For some of these reasons there is evidence that more and more people are turning to mortgage advisers for advice and guidance - something we very much welcome.

Whilst getting the mortgage is all important, ensuring we can still pay it if something goes wrong is critical to the advice we give. As we can’t predict the things that can go wrong we really need to plan to provide life, health and income protection while we have good health!

Many of us will be thinking of these things over the welcome Christmas break because we have the time to do so – we look forward to helping and guiding you through any of the plans that result with the time and thought over this period.

Finally, we at Thompson McNeill thank you for working with us over the year – we very much look forward to working with you and those you might refer to us, over the coming year! Have a happy and safe Christmas break!

We are closing for Christmas on 20 December 2019 and re-opening on 6 January 2020. As always we will be looking at emails and phone messages from time to time and will be in touch as necessary.

(03) 281 8605

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