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Updated: Sep 14

There has been much talk about the recent government move to “cool” the housing market.

I guess our news media thrives on plenty of speculation about a resultant increase in rents or a softening of the housing market.

Perhaps if the housing market softens sufficiently the resultant drag on economic growth might just keep mortgage interest rates lower for just that little bit longer!

However whatever happens, there is much confidence out and about that says home ownership is still the dream of many - and so it is logical that the sooner one gets on the home ownership ladder, the sooner that precious home equity has a chance to start working.

Whilst Financial Advisers have become subject to some legislative requirements from the 15 March 2021, there is still a real need to have a chance to talk your scenario through before it is exposed to lenders.

At Thompson McNeill nothing goes to the lender until it has passed “the taste test”

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