How much do we need to know these days.....?

This is an interesting question because it might suggest that there is always a mass of information out there that we don’t always get to see and use to reflect on our own situation.

For small business owners there is a new financier in town keen to help those who need some short term cash to get them through a challenging cash flow period, or to “kick start” some well planned growth. The key of course is that the financing is short term as eventually the bank will help when the longer term finance needs are apparent.

As always clients can be turned down for home loans and a recent challenge has been with ex-pat New Zealanders trying to create a pathway to settle back in the country of their birth. It can be a challenge to prove to a bank lender that you have the wherewithal to get back here with a job to enable the payment of a regular mortgage instalment. Once again there is a lender out there who has seen the difficulty in this area and is prepared to help with that path back.

So, for many of us “no” might mean just that - but if you’re “in the know” there is always that other pathway open to see if there is a “yes”

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