Debt in desperation - has that Black Friday and Boxing Day spending caused you real pain?

In recent times we’ve seen some real incentives to get out there and shop. Whilst Boxing day sales were once the norm, Black Friday seems to have crept in to further encourage our spending!

Of course, our retailers know that the Christmas season is a great opportunity to boost sales in time for that all important financial reckoning rapidly approaching in March, and so it is not surprising that we now have a sales frenzy at this time of the year!

It is also no mystery that these two major purchasing events are enhanced by the numerous offers of no interest for 12 or 18 months, or other such finance company offers.

For many of us, sometimes our usual reluctance to spend without that prior careful thinking is overtaken by the emotion of the moment – the catching up with close family and friends and the need to provide that little bit extra for them!

OK then, as the excitement of this great time of year fades with the sobriety of getting back to work – are there some things we can do better? Do we know how the power of compounding interest can impact on our debt – or the things we can do to avoid that?

There are a range of financial tools that can make our financial lives easier, and generally our choices can be determined by good advice that incorporates the use some of those things we often ignore - like that little top-up to our mortgage or that simple debt consolidation loan.

Why not let us help you through any of the spur of the moment decisions that you’ve perhaps made over the “silly season?” It’s much easier when you have that little bit of extra help!

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