A time for family, rest, and recreation - but is there more?

Many of us are probably counting down to that time - now rapidly approaching, when we know that almost everyone is doing the same thing. We’re not expecting the phone to ring for anything other than friendly conversation with those we know and love.

However, there will be times when we allow our minds to ponder on some deeper thoughts - as after all we’ve just come through a challenging year that brought a number of tests such as the Covid 19 lockdown and the realization that climate change may be much more serious than we’ve previously thought.

There are some other things that we might have some time to ponder on as well.

We do see some wonderful financial support programs when families suffer tragedies, and perhaps the most prominent is Givealittle. Unfortunately however, Givealittle doesn’t provide a finite sum of money, but is dependent on an accumulation of contributions that we are motivated to - and able to make.

So, if we want to know just exactly how we might provide financially in the event of tragedy or getting that necessary medical treatment when we want it and not when the health system can fit us in, then we have some work to do in the new year!

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Have a happy and safe Christmas!

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