Financial pain easier than physical pain?

It just doesn’t take much reading of news reports these days to know that our health system is under pressure!

Whether it concerns hospital waiting lists or District Health Board projected budget deficits, the news is not at all good - particularly so if we have one of those elective surgery needs and are the mercy of the health system.

A recent report from outlined the five common elective surgery procedures - which were knee and hip replacements, colonoscopies, hernia surgeries and cholecystectomies or gall bladder removal. It went on to say that in 2018/19 the longest average wait from acceptance to surgery was for knee replacements – 110 days. Read the full article here

Could you wait 110 days to get rid of pain? One person clearly couldn’t and used a “significant chunk” of retirement savings because financial pain was deemed easier to bear than physical pain!

Of course, the above information is not lost on our health insurers and they are now producing some innovative products that enable us to keep away from those 110 day waiting lists.

Just two of those innovations are the ability to obtain a second opinion on our treatment plan, and a significant range of excess levels (we pay only some of the bill), to keep our health insurance premiums manageable.

The important thing is to act now while our health is good. Want to know more?.....

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