Advice - making sure nothing is left to chance!

More and more as financial advisers, we’re seeing the need to ensure advice is relevant to what clients are doing to get ahead in the housing market. As a result, we’ve often found ourselves talking to clients about such things as:

  • Loan structures that suit

  • Protection of assets should we lose an income

  • Relationship matters that may affect the loan if things “go wrong”

  • Estate planning matters

It goes without saying that many of these matters are referred to those we know who are specialists in each of these areas - as our part in ensuring our clients get to see the full picture.

In recent times we’ve noted a trend for first home buyers to sometimes combine their resources to purchase a home – and it makes sense to take this option to get onto the property ladder just that little bit sooner.

However, despite the advantages of purchasing a home with others, it makes sense to ensure that all parties are aware of what happens if circumstances change. This is what good advice and referring to specialists is all about!

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