Variety - just sometimes it is the spice of life!

Every now and again the appetites that bank lenders have for various types of lending change. As many small businesses and particularly those in the construction business will attest – now is one of those times!

However, as Mortgage Advisers we’re aware that whenever the banks don’t like a particular type of lending there are always some lenders who will fill that gap and sometimes with options that the banks haven’t thought of!

We’re frequently in touch with non-bank lenders who will readily provide finance for:

  • Working capital

  • To fund growth

  • To purchase a business asset or vehicle

  • To buy a business or franchise

  • To consolidate existing loans

The great news is that some of these non-bank lenders will provide lending that is either unsecured or partially secured – and of course that lending tool that provides the flexibility we often need, the line of credit is often available as well.

Technology is no stranger to the flexibility that these lenders provide, and frequently their answer will come promptly as a result of a simple online application!

So, if you or anyone you know wants to look at the flexibility that Thompson McNeill has at its fingertips why not give us a call on (03) 281 8605 or email us:

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