Books, books and books!.....

When it comes to financial matters there is always plenty to read and learn about. As Financial Advisers we’re constantly bombarded with material that is designed to educate, but also to translate into the way we interact with clients.

Of course, while much of the information we receive is helpful - and enables us to sift out the information that is not relevant to the particular client we’re dealing with at the moment, we sometimes just have to remind ourselves of that common rejoinder KISS…..” keep it simple stupid!”

To make all of this a little easier and simpler, at Thompson McNeill we’ve designed a couple of “E-books” to just give prospective clients a taste of the process involved when seeking a home loan - or protecting our life and income.

We’ve found that a number of people have downloaded these books which is great. Having said that the thing that we think is really important is to have clients read the books and then let us guide them through the process applicable to them.

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