Something new - but something better?

As we get on in life, or as some would say head towards retirement, we have an opportunity to perhaps consider those home options we looked at some years ago but had to dismiss as “wishful thinking”

In recent times there have been many opportunities for younger people to build their first home rather than buy an existing one. These choices have largely been encouraged by the use of KiwiSaver funds and the Homestart grants encouraged by the Government and provided through the Housing Corporation. Builders have adapted to building these homes to the price limits set by the authorities.

But what if you’re in a position to get something better?

Architectural Designers are now saying that whilst these new “first homes” are O.K. to meet a need, there are much better options available to those who’ve got a history of home ownership behind them and more money to spend.

The art of good architecture is a blend of creativity and good science, and is reflected in terms such as “low-energy” or “Passive House” homes. Indeed, the banks are now considering significant benefits to those who are able to build or buy those homes that ensure health and comfort, through the use of proven building science and modern construction techniques.

Want to know more?

Theca Architecture is to hold a seminar on 21 August 2019 in conjunction with Thompson McNeill.

Just go to to reserve your seat or call us on (03) 281 8605 – we’d love to see you there!

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