Are you lonesome tonight?

You know, there are many forms of communication out there now just looking for some attention from someone who might just be waiting for that snippet of information that transforms their thinking!

At Thompson McNeill we tend to construct our email messages around the issues of the day that might affect our clients who are looking to do something new in the mortgage borrowing area.

However, it seems that sometimes we’re missing the point for those who are NOT in that space – and so occasionally we need to just come out with some of those headlines that might just promote some thinking and perhaps a request for some help.

So, let’s take a look at some interesting thoughts:

  • Over 40% of the mortgage lending of some of our major banks comes from Mortgage Advisers who see the client and not the bank.

  • There are now many more lenders who will do the lending that others won’t – this is often that second chance many have been waiting for.

  • All lenders are not the same and there are some who will do the things others won’t.

  • Some lenders can only be found by mortgage advisers like Thompson McNeill.

  • “Givealittle” is a wonderful concept but it will never provide the certainty that a proper protection plan does.

  • Life insurance companies do pay claims – sometimes in circumstances when they don’t have to.

  • There is more than a 20% chance that someone will lose their ability to earn an income for 6 months or longer during their working life.

  • Advice provided by financial advisers is in any of the areas mentioned above is a step by step process.

If any of the above statements have got you or someone you’ve been talking to thinking about a need to be met – get in touch with us:

(03) 281 8605 or:

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