Where are the second home buyers?

There has been quite a focus on first home buyers recently. That focus has suggested that homes within the first home buyer range are selling readily, whilst those with higher prices are languishing for some time before a sale is completed.

When dealing with first home buyers who are frustrated at the difficulty in finding the home that suits, sometimes we give that timely reminder that “this is not your last home but only your first!”

If we had made the above statement some 15 years ago we may well now have clients who have made great strides towards mortgage repayment and are now sitting on some significant value in their home.

The home bought 15 years ago may not have “ticked all the boxes” at the time, but with 15 years of mortgage payments and capital growth, there may now be an opportunity to purchase something that does.

In recent times there has been much development in the building of healthy homes, and this is recognized by the issue of a Homestar rating. One of our major lenders has recently announced a package of significant benefits for those new clients who have a home with a Homestar rating of 6 or more.

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