Does it always have to tick ALL the boxes?

Much of the publicity around interest rates and economic predictions seems to focus on purchasing that home - the better the income and equity or savings the lower the interest rate and better the "goodies" that a bank will offer to be competitive.

But what if the borrowing we need to do is "outside the box" or to put it simply, outside the scope of what our bank is prepared to lend for?

Well the good news is that there are a number of "non bank" lenders that are specializing in this "outside the box" lending. They are prepared to lend for a number of purposes:

- Refinancing mortgages under threat of mortgagee sale

- Bridging finance - you've purchased before selling your existing home

- Debt consolidation

- Business working capital

- Tax arrears

- Other

At Thompson McNeill we have a number of "non bank" lender contacts and have been surprised recently by just how competitive they have become.

If you need something "out of the box" why not let us go to work for you?

Call us on (03) 281 8605 or email:

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