How important is that complete package?

When we plan that overseas trip we spend quite some time in the planning stage - air fares, accommodation, money conversion, medical prescriptions and travel insurance are all part of the complete package.

But when it comes to managing our finances and protecting those important assets that we have built up carefully over time, shouldn't we spend just as much - or even more time to ensure that we have the complete package?

At Thompson McNeill we focus on getting you that complete package - not only the mortgage to get that house of your plans and dreams - but the protection package that ensures that you can keep the things that are so important - if something happens to you.

So, what is the complete package? We see it as all those components that go into providing security under difficult financial circumstances - life insurance, Trauma Insurance, Income or Mortgage Protection Insurance and of course health insurance. All these components have a part to play, but in their own unique way.

Thompson McNeill will guide you through the process, taking into account your own unique financial situation - and adding the various components that are important to you - as and when your situation allows.

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