Planning for that home now can save a lot of time later!

It may sometimes seem that the case for home purchase is just too difficult and needs to be put aside. It may surprise you however that many of our clients have started talking to us quite some time before we've got them their mortgage - and so the keys to the door!

Frequently clients have gone to their bank and sometimes come away with the impression that they just don't fit the right pattern. Having come to Thompson McNeill for advice we've been able to remind them that lenders are so much easier to deal with when a pattern or plan can be clearly seen to have been put in place.

What does this mean?

Well once we've got over the first hurdle of proving that five percent of the home purchase price has been saved, we can put in place a regular savings plan to achieve the balance of the deposit required. From the bank or lender's perspective it can now be seen that if clients can put aside regular savings, they will have no difficulty with that regular commitment to a mortgage instalment.

But let's not talk about hurdles - let's talk about advice - if we can't get you there now, we'll get you there just as soon as we can!

So, when are you moving into your first home and do you have a plan?

There are many lending products and scenarios that can be fitted to any worthwhile plan.

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