Changes at Thompson McNeill

Happy retired couple

Over the last four or so years, having helped establish a creditable brand for financial and insurance advice, one half of Thompson McNeill is moving sideways into a consulting role as a step towards retirement, whilst retaining an interest in the business.

Peter feels it's time to spend time on the golf course, his mountain bike and travelling our beautiful country in his motor home, starting at the end of this month.

"I've seen too many people die at their desk instead of enjoying some reward for a long career in business. I don't plan to be one of them! However I can't just stop - so the plan is that Jerome will run the business from day to day and over the next few months, and I will be available to help out and transition my clients to him."

As a company, we're proud of what we have achieved and the reputation we've established as advisers, giving our clients the very best of our knowledge, advice and service.

That won't change!

In fact very little will change other than some of Peter's clients seeking advice, may find they're talking to Jerome instead, and they couldn't be in better hands! With a long history in the insurance and financial services industry, Jerome has a very broad range of skills and knowledge. And he's a nice bloke!

So Peter's not dead, but like an old soldier just fading from view!

For advice on residential, business and investment finance, person risk insurance, early repayment plans, in fact anything to do with borrowing money, protecting assets or income, Jerome's the man!

Phone: (03) 281 8605 or 027 657 1825


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