Life Insurance - Can it wait?

This is a question that is frequently pondered over when thinking about the need to protect debt, income, family or many of the other things that are important. But insurance premiums just don’t seem to fit into a budget without doing away with some of those things that we like, can see - AND can buy - if we have the money.

To answer our question perhaps we should start with some of the greatest health risks that life insurance companies must face every day:

High blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, Sleep apnea, Asthma, Cancer, weight problems, Organ failure, and Depression to name a few.

The reality is that many of us will live everyday with any of the above and sometimes we don’t know that we have them!

AND, by the time we do know something is not right, it is often difficult to get the the life, income, trauma or health insurance that we desperately need.

So, what is the answer?

For starters, when do these things actually start happening to us? For many of us it stats when the doctor asks us to go for an exercise electrocardiogram (ECG), or a mammogram, or various blood tests at age 40 to 45. It is at this sort of age that many of these health scourges will start to manifest themselves!

So, why don’t we insure our lives before these things have a chance to start living within us?

I guess when we’re younger and the budget is tighter I guess we just can’t imagine what we can’t see – she’ll be right!

BUT one thing is for sure – if we don’t start thinking about fitting such an essential item into our budgets now, we just might be leaving it too late!

So, why not do some of the essential planning now to protect the income and assets that we start to build up - when our health is at its best?

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