So What's Happening with Mortgage Rates??

We all know the story of the duck - all serene on top, but paddling furiously underneath!

The finance world is a little like that. On the surface not a lot seems to be happening, but behind the scenes, banks and advisers are adjusting to a constantly changing environment – where the rules and conditions can be changing almost daily.

So, what might have worked last week, may not necessarily work this week!

The BEST way to find out what will work for you – if you’re looking to borrow money, change your loan structure or perhaps even change your bank for some reason, is to talk to an expert who is in TUNE with changes and trends.

In our financial advice industry, advice is often FREE – in exchange for placing your business with a Financial Adviser who will usually receive commission from a bank or other lender for the loan completed. So, it’s a “win/win” situation! For loyal clients, advice is always available, whatever the situation you find yourself in.

At Thompson McNeill what we do know is that the OCR (overnight cash rate) set by the Reserve Bank, and interest rates charged by the banks for home loans, are likely to remain STEADY for at least the next 12 months. This of course is based on what we know about current factors affecting the industry, and could be changed with any major economic or political events that occur in the near future.

So, while prudent borrowing is always advisable, plans should not be stalled because of any perceived uncertainty in the markets!

"Steady as she goes!"

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