When Tragedy Gets Too Close

We recently had a client approach Thompson McNeill to say that a friend had died while on a hospital waiting list. The friend had sustained a fall from a horse with a resultant brain bleed that determined the need for brain surgery. Of course, this is deemed “elective” surgery and hence her referral to the waiting list and subsequent untimely death before the surgery could occur.

The tragedy prompted our client to “put herself in the same place as her friend” and so a request to provide health cover for herself and young daughter.

Given her prime goal of never having to spend time on a waiting list but be attended to as soon as possible, we were able to provide her with a basic health insurance cover with a small excess, so that the premium was a good fit with her budget.

Her daughter of course has a “head start” to health insurance cover and will always have it there regardless of what health challenges she may have to face later in life. Naturally she will build on this insurance start as she grows older and accumulates the various dependencies that adulthood brings.

This is a success story – could you or anyone you know benefit from this same opportunity??

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