Politics & the finance world - time for a change?

In the maelstrom of the current election currents, we are hearing a lot of reference to gross domestic product (GDP growth), productivity and a stable economy. Our current leaders have put quite some emphasis on economic stewardship as evidenced by the various figures generally publicized by bank and other economists.

All the above measures are of course vital to a secure future – but is someone missing the point here?

Are people really happy? As one politician put it recently “how do you feel?”

This concentration on figures rather than people is somewhat the focus of our big banks at the moment also - with their concentration on security, efficiency and profit. Perhaps they are overlooking something really fundamental – business is about PEOPLE!

Who wants to be just a number processed by a computer that can dictate your future based on some random algorithm?!

At Thompson McNeill, we think people ARE important – we’ll sit down, hear your story and then use it to guide you along the right pathway to achieve your goals and aspirations.

No-one really cares about the numbers – we can leave that to the banks and politicians. We just want the right outcomes and that’s what we’re passionate about – Great outcomes!!

To quote a certain political slogan “let’s do this” BECAUSE we can.

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