Avoid the hospital waiting lists and have your medical needs seen to immediately, getting you back to work more quickly, saving you and your family from stress, pain & financial insecurity.

As our population lives longer and the advance of medical technology makes medical treatment more successful - but also more expensive, we see people having to wait longer for hospital treatment.


A person working as a builder therefore and with a hip that needs replacing, may now have to continue working with that constant pain until a hospital bed becomes available and they can leave the hospital waiting list.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of health insurance is that the builder mentioned above can have immediate hospital treatment and return to work if he or she has health insurance!

Of course there are other optional benefits provided by the health insurer and these cover the costs of such things as optical or dental treatments and visits to medical specialists.

As there is a much greater chance of requiring the treatment provided under a health insurance contract than there is of becoming a claim under a life insurance contract, health insurance companies are particular about the level of risk they are prepared to cover. They are not generally prepared therefore to cover existing medical conditions and will exclude them in the contract documentation.

Health insurance premiums can escalate over the years as we age and the risk of requiring medical treatment and therefore becoming a claim, increases. There are however ways of reducing the premiums or stemming their increase. Most health insurance contracts will now have an excess option which means the premium can be reduced if you agree to pay the stated excess.

As with other forms of insurance cover, the application form will cover a  number of questions relating to age, occupation, activities or hobbies and of course health history.


At Thompson McNeill we take the time to guide you through this process.

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